The Effects of True Effectiveness
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Reviews for the True Effectiveness Programme! 
“From stressed to stress-free”
“True Effectiveness has given me insights and tools to manage my business in a more stress-free and structured way.  It has given me a way to focus on what is most important in the moment without stressing yourself with all the things that don't get done.” 

Johan Roslund
CEO, Isringhausen AB
“Increased sales by 50% while I stopped working overtime”
“Thanks to True Effectiveness, I´ve gotten access to new tools and new perspectives. This programme has given me a great inner calm, increased sales of over 50% and at the same time I stopped working overtime. In other words, I work less and get more done during my workdays and that is a fantastic feeling. I get home from work with renewed energy instead of the feeling I had before of never being enough.”

Maria Bernander
Director of Business Development
TransPerfect Translations
“ I have a new level of effectiveness without pushing myself”
“There is only one problem with this program. People don’t get how it's possible to create such fantastic results in such a short time. I didn't believe it was possible to level up to a new level of effectiveness without running faster and pushing myself. It comes from focusing on expanding my capacity rather than focusing on hard work, discipline or the results - and that is possible for all people.”

Martin Westerling
Sales and marketing 
Owner and co-founder of E-serve
“ My life is divided into… before True Effectiveness and after True Effectiveness”
“ Life is divided in B.TE. and A.TE. Before the True Effectiveness (TE) program I thought that being stressed, impatient and have lack of energy at the end of the day were a part of my job. Now I'm sure that they are not. The TE program gave me not only the tools but also the (deep) knowledge to understanding how to deal with them, with myself and other human beings. From a practical point of view the course was enjoyable, fun and very interesting. The time spent in the course is well worth it and I can only recommend it to everyone experiencing similar difficulties. The learnings I got from TE will stay with me for the rest of my life and I know I will keep using them not only at work but also in life. 
Sara Costa
Research engineer
Chalmers University of Technology
“I get more things done!“
"I feel a lot more accepting and content with myself. My stress levels have decreased. Although I feel I have dropped the pace, I get more things done anyway!"

Helena Svedlund
Head of Logistics at Santa Maria AB
“ I now work on the things makes the biggest difference”
"The True Effectiveness Program has been really valuable for me. It has helped me to shift my days from working with the latest incoming tasks, such as incoming e-mails and phone calls, and questions from colleagues etc. to work on the things that matter the most and that make the biggest difference. This has helped me to have a better sense of control and reduce the level of stress that I once felt, as well as increasing my wellbeing. It is the combination of a better understanding of how we as human beings function together with developing new habits and tools that have created this shift. "
Ola Hofmiller
CEO Touchandtell
“Real clarity and Transformation”
"The True Effectiveness program has helped me to get real clarity when it comes to making decisions. It has also provided me with tools to catch myself when I get stuck, and get unstuck easily.  The programme has also helped me to improve my relationship to myself, and transform me be more present in life”. 
Asmir Manjgafic
Controller Consultant
Mercedes Benz,  Malmo 
“From Stressed to Inspired & Exceeding Performance Expectations”
I now experience much greater peace of mind and clarity and my capacity have increased significantly.By using the principles from True Effectiveness, I have managed to exceed own performance expectations studying at double pace but acquiring better grades than most students studying only one course, and all without feeling stress or anxiety. It was inspirational.
Oskar Huledal 
Masters Student
“ This course has been a game changer for me!”
"My stress levels plummeted the first week of the course – where I before the course was often drained and irritated when I came home to my kids, I am now much more relaxed and happy. I have been given the tools to work more effectively and to focus on what’s important, making me a better leader and parent."
Hannes Kannisto
Acting Manager
Volvo Penta
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