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Friday Oct 4, 2 pm CET (Swedish Time)
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Background of the True Effectiveness Program:
Wilhelm Hast has been teaching courses on Personal Effectiveness and Personal Leadership since 1989 and has worked with over 20,000 participants from over 40 countries. 

His breakthrough 2-day course in Personal Effectiveness was launched in 2005 and the material from that program has been delivered to participants in more than 50% of Sweden's 50 largest companies. In fact, one company flew leaders from 18 different countries to Sweden to do this training. Currently, a Swedish Governmental organisation is running the course for the 5th year, with over 600 people having completed the course. The program is lead monthly by 8 certified facilitators, who are sometimes requested to train teams in Tokyo or New York, and to undertake personal effectiveness 'coaching' sessions at the desks of leaders in international companies around the world.

In 2012, Wilhelm started searching for a new learning approach that would create a learning experience online that is at least as powerful as the two day training. After researching and trying many different formats over a 5 year period, with some successes and many setbacks, he experienced a breakthrough in 2017, and the 'True Effectiveness' hybrid program was created. A pilot programme was rolled out in May-June 2018 with 15 participants from 15 different companies. The results and feedback following in-depth interviews with participants who completed the pilot and subsequent programs is clear, his mission of creating a next generation effectiveness program online had been accomplished, and with even better results that we had hoped.

Our participants say, for example: ”I increased my results by 50% while I stopped working overtime” ”This program was at least, if not more valuable than your 2 day training” ”My life is divided in before True Effectiveness and after True Effectiveness”, "My stress levels have decreased significantly, and although I feel I have dropped the pace, I get more things done anyway”. And, one CEO who completed the program immediately purchased places for all of his management team to participate as the results of the programme and been so profound and impactful for him personally.

(For more on what participants say about the programme, see www.trueeffectiveness.com/references). 

Although we have only launched this programme in Sweden so far, our current participants live in Sweden, USA, France, Germany & Hong Kong.

The program is in English.
The key to the success
The key to success with this new educational format is that it caters for all types of learners and is a dynamic blend of:

     * Self-study through video on a educational platform
     * Action items to complete weekly for integration of learning into life and work
     * Coaching calls x 2 times per week, to deepen insights, and implement the methods and tools                        with success
     * Access to a supportive community of fellow learners in the program.
     * Real life integrative feedback

Also, I or one of my expert team will undertake a 45 minute pre-course interview with each participant to ensure that the participant is a good fit for the program, and also to create a unique personal relationship between the participant and the True Effectiveness team to enable personalised ongoing support during the programme.

The Program

The program delivers value through a blend of 4 different learning approaches:
  • Videos - about 12 hours over 6-10 weeks (your pace)
  • Action Items  - will bring your learning to your life
  • Weekly Q & A coaching sessions: live and recorded and made available for participants
  • Community of learners - learning gets better with the support of others
See a 20 min video presentation here

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