The ONE thing that makes all the difference
Written by WILHELM HAST on February 22nd, 2019
The ONE thing that makes all the difference. 

So, where do you focus?

There are basically 2 places to focus when it comes to being effective. You focus on the results, OR, you focus on increasing your capacity for results.

Focusing on the result is a common mistake (we all do it!)

Focusing on increasing the capacity for results is not even on our radar most of the time.
In last weeks’ newsletter I wrote about starting university and getting 2000 pages of text to read before the first exam 10 weeks later.

At the outset, I did not focus on the result like the rest of my colleagues did - reading the books and memorizing the key content.

Instead, I focused on increasing my capacity for reading and remembering.
And I did this by reading one book on ‘How to read fast´ and another on ‘How Memory works’.
This action increased my capacity - a lot!

A great result was achieved with HALF the effort and time, and little worry or concern.
After all these years I am still surprised by how few people I meet who think like this - Focusing on increasing their capacity for results rather than getting seduced by going directly to results.
It really is looking in the direction of increasing capacity that creates exponential results.

So, how does this relate to the world of work?

Well, people who wish to increase capacity in their jobs done one of two things;
1. Increase the speed and/or
2. Increase the hours spent to complete the job

Although people have good intentions, neither of these work in the medium to long term, as it will lead to stress, and possibly even burnout.

Consider, when there is more to do than there is time available, (which is the reality of most of our jobs today), very few people stop to look, stop and get curious, stop and ask themselves how they can orient around increasing capacity for results, not simply chase the result?

Instead, most people will rush things, try to do things quicker, multitask, skip lunch, stay late, and perhaps work on weekends too just to get the job done. But in reality, we very rarely are ever done!

Take ‘meetings’ for example:
How many meetings end with a few minutes minute review of how the meeting went and how we can have the next one work even better?

Few, I guess from my own experience observing in many companies. People rush off to the next meeting without giving any thought that they could start their next meeting with a higher capacity to be productive, together. If only they just looked at that one thing, it could make a big difference.

Another consideration…how many meetings start with people slowing down and getting present? That is, everyone getting present in the moment and, present to the intent of the meeting.

I have seen these seemingly small actions be one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase people’s capacity to create results in a meeting, whether these results are ideas, decisions, inspired action, reporting or a myriad of other outcomes.

And when it comes to being Truly Effective - altering these habits in meetings are one of a few useful things to do, but honestly, this is just a taster, there are waaaayyy more interesting things to discover with regards to your capacity to produce results.

For instance, there is nothing more impactful to increase your capacity than to get insights into how the mind works to create what you experience.

When you see that your experience starts to shift.
Stress disappears
You get clarity
You get creative
You are naturally more productive!

Here is something for you to try so you can get a glimpse of how it works.

For a week, try this experiment. And really take it on.
`Slow down´ and just see what happens.
And when you've done that, slow down some more.

Yes… I know it is counter intuitive…(I can hear an internal scream…) But when you do slow down, I would not be surprised if you felt better, you experience more clarity and creativity, and as a consequence get better and bigger results.

The point of all this writing today is to capture the essence of what Effectiveness truly is…
        Focus on increasing your capacity for results
        Slowing down and noticing what happens

For most people, this is a great start!

You will find more posts about slowing down, and other ways to increase your capacity for results, by clicking here:

Wilhelm Hast

Wilhelm has worked in the field of Personal Leadership and Personal Effectiveness for over 25 years. His passion is the art of evoking powerful insights into the nature of being human, rather than merely presenting theory and models of effectiveness and leadership that work for some, but not for all and rarely have long lasting impact.

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