I see the world differently…
Written by WILHELM HAST on February 15th, 2019
My way of seeing the world has proved very useful when it comes to teaching and coaching others. People learn and results happen. Quickly. Often beyond what they expected.

What is the secret? (Indeed, if there is one!)

I see the world differently.
It has been an interest of mine for a very long time.
I've studied it.
Learnt how to look and where to look, better and better.
And then learned how to help others do the same too.
I mean SEEING with completely new eyes.
Situations in life then actually look different.
You start to feel different, have different thoughts and act differently.

How does this happen?

Well, first we must distinguish between the different types of learning. There is theoretical learning, sometimes called conceptual learning. Then there is this other kind which is called Transformational learning. I also like to call it this type of learning, insightful learning.

There is a a world of difference between knowing something theoretically vs. knowing something insightful.

When you've learned concepts, although the information and knowledge can be useful, the world looks the same. And most often you do not really behave differently, or you slip back into old behaviors quickly.

When you've learned something insightful, although nothing on the outside changes, the world starts to look different somehow and you find that you naturally think differently, feel differently and act differently.

Insight comes from a different way of looking at the world, you could say, looking in a different direction from where most people look.

I've noticed that I seem to have looked in this different direction naturally for most of my life. Then I explored and studied insightful learning and understanding until I developed some mastery around it, and had insights into how to best teach it to others.

An early example of insightful learning and its impact…

When I started at University we got 2000 pages to read and lots of lectures before the first exam scheduled 10 weeks later.

All my buddies (most started to panic) started reading the 2000 pages immediately.
I looked at the same task differently.

I read 2 extra books first before even starting to tackle the 2000 pages!

One of the extra books I choose to read was about ‘how-to speed-read books while quickly understanding the essence of written texts. The second book was about how our memory works and how to take the best notes at lectures.

After reading both books, I took on the 2000 pages and spend half the time and half the effort than many of my colleagues did and passed the exam.

What is important to see here is that I did not study the extra two books to get theoretical knowledge, I made sure I understood the content insightful, so the task of 2000 pages (and daily lectures) looked like a very different prospect to me. Instead this became a fun experiment on how to be ‘truly effective’.

After getting even more insights into how to be effective, even as a student I ended up lecturing in the department of Educational Sciences, even before I had an exam.

That was about 30 years ago now.

Since then I have continually explored and studied what are the key principles and insights if you want to be more effective at what you do. The last 20 years, I have mostly been working with leaders and managers in Companies worldwide helping them see their work differently and get insights into the art and science of stress-free productivity.

I train them to see and understand stress from an insightful place, so the whole experience of stress starts to look and feel different. What I have noticed over time is that their stress actually disappears, and they experience clarity, focus and inspiration in all areas of their lives.

I also coach them on the underlying principles of productivity, so they SEE their work differently – as thought, feelings and behavior shift, breakthrough results are a natural, almost inevitable outcome.

I love conversations with people that evoke insights that transform how the world looks.

I love the clarity, freedom and ease that flows from this place, and I love the results that naturally follows.

I am thankful that I have a job where I can see, learn, contribute and keep on learning.

There is nothing more inspiring to me than someone finding clarity, peace of mind and a creative expression of productivity that evokes joy for them at work and in life.

If you would love to hear more about this, join me on a live webinar on February 18th at 14:00 where I will be speaking about the 4 keys to stress-free productivity, which I hope will evoke insightful learning for you.

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See you there,

Wilhelm Hast

Wilhelm has worked in the field of Personal Leadership and Personal Effectiveness for over 25 years. His passion is the art of evoking powerful insights into the nature of being human, rather than merely presenting theory and models of effectiveness and leadership that work for some, but not for all and rarely have long lasting impact.

If you're interested in significantly increasing your productivity and eliminating stress and overwhelm, which will have a deep and lasting impact in your life, then request a free True Effectiveness Coaching session with Wilhelm today by going to the True Effectiveness website.
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