True Effectiveness -
Our Program and Methodology
We train managers and leaders to increase their effectiveness and transform any experience of stress and overwhelm to clarity, peace of mind and inspired action.
We teach all you need for lasting change

Stress-free productivity arises naturally when there is insight into the deeper levels of human functioning. 

Many courses on personal effectiveness teach the application of tools and methods, however implementing tools and structures only is not enough for lasting change or transformation.
To succeed in creating lasting and consistent change, people need to understand the multiple layers that impact personal productivity and the human experience. 

For over 15 years, our team has seen the transformative power in providing insight into the fundamentals of human functioning before teaching tools and methods to achieve powerful results, shifts in personal effectiveness, which are long lasting, and a reduction or elimination of stress and overwhelm whatever the situation or circumstances a person is in. 

Our methodology for teaching is based four interconnected, multi-dimensional layers built on top of one another that integrate new learning, facilitate insights and support new learning and insights to be integrated into work and life so the effects of this programme can be seen from Week 1.

The four major elements of the program are:

Tools and structures - tools and methods used in one's work and life.
Operating principles – concepts and mental models on which tools and methods are founded.
Insight into yourself – getting clarity on how you function as a human being, and how you can be your 'best self' more of the time.
Awareness of the human design – getting insight into 'how the mind works' and the implications for this in life and work.

These 4 layers are described in more detail below.

How our method works
Education online
Our online video platform is user friendly and intuitive. Participants can study the content at their own pace which supports individual preferences. Easy to repeat and go deeper into areas that are most interesting.  
Action Items
Weekly action items bring the new found learning and insights into participant’s own life.
Real World Feedback
The program design, with action items and live group coaching calls across a minimum 6-week timeline, provides feedback in real life so participants can notice progress and iterate actions to improve.
Participant Community
In the Community Forum, participants have opportunities to interact and share learning with each other, as well as ask questions and get support. There is a lot of synergy and support when new participants interact with people who have graduated from the program, and vice versa.
Coaching calls
Weekly group coaching calls provide a deeper learning experience and provides hands-on coaching and advise on how to translate insight into new behavior and specific results.
Long term availability
Participants have all area access to the program for 4 months, including the weekly Q&A coaching calls, which provides a continuing support structure to ensure consistent and long-lasting effectiveness. All materials on the learning platform is yours forever without time constraints.
Background of this program:
Wilhelm Hast has been teaching courses on Personal Effectiveness and Personal Leadership since 1989 and has worked with over 20,000 participants from over 40 countries. 

His breakthrough 2-day course in Personal Effectiveness was launched in 2005 and the material from that program has been delivered to participants in more than 50% of Sweden's 50 largest companies. In fact, one company flew leaders from 18 different countries to Sweden to do this training. Currently, a Swedish Governmental organisation is running the course for the 5th year, with over 600 people having completed the course. The program is lead monthly by 8 certified facilitators, who are sometimes requested to train teams in Tokyo or New York, and to undertake personal effectiveness 'coaching' sessions at the desks of leaders in international companies around the world.

In 2012, Wilhelm started searching for a new learning approach that would create a learning experience online that is at least as powerful as the two day training. After researching and trying many different formats over a 5 year period, with some successes and many setbacks, he experienced a breakthrough in 2017, and the 'True Effectiveness' hybrid program was created. A pilot programme was rolled out in May-June 2018 with 15 participants from 15 different companies. The results and feedback following in-depth interviews with participants who completed the pilot and subsequent programs is clear, his mission of creating a next generation effectiveness program online had been accomplished, and with even better results that we had hoped.

Our participants say, for example: ”I increased my results by 50% while I stopped working overtime” ”This program was at least, if not more valuable than your 2 day training” ”My life is divided in before True Effectiveness and after True Effectiveness”, "my stress levels have decreased significantly, and although I feel I have dropped the pace, I get more things done anyway”. And, one CEO who completed the program immediately purchased places for all of his management team to participate as the results of the programme and been so profound and impactful for him personally.

(For more on what participants say about the programme, see 

Although we have only launched this programme in Sweden so far, our current participants live in Sweden, USA, France, Germany & Hong Kong.

The program is in English.
Content Of The True Effectiveness Program
1. Awareness of the human design
An awareness of what we call the 'human design is the foundational for our true effectiveness programme, and it is the element which is missed in traditional 'time management' programs. Being unaware of principles of 'how the mind works' causes constant failures in trying to implement tools, structures and habits, and causes us to be reactive and stressed. Getting clarity and understanding at this level, and increasing ones' daily awareness of how 'we work' moment to moment supports our access to resilience and the natural human dynamics; like ease, peace of mind, clarity, flow and creativity, which are at the heart of stress-free productivity.

Examples of course content

Human beings have a mind
Seeing how our experience of the world and ourselves is created by our mind and the implications of this for your life.
Stimulus – response 
Why do you sometimes do things you know you should not do - checking your mail too often; saying "yes" instead of saying "no" etc? 

Stimulus – response & the choice beyond
The power to choose something beyond the reactive and habitual responses - seeing this is a key to breaking old habits.
How does perception work
The mind does not describe circumstance - it creates an experience brought to circumstance.
Your mood alters your perception
How to relate to your low moods and not let them get in your way of life?
How does stress arise
You will get a new relationship to stress as you start to see that it arises from within, not from outside events, circumstances or people. This is a game-changer! 
Understanding feelings 
How to understand what your feelings are really telling you?
The deeper human intelligence
You are greater than you think.
How to access more of your best self, more of the time. 
Resilience and wellbeing
Your psychology is resilient. When you understand this, you see how to become more resilient, no matter what circumstances you are in.
The human capacity for insight
How to invite transforming insights into your life?
A new experience is one thought away
All and any experience can change without circumstances needing to change. This is the key to Freedom and Peace of Mind.

2. Awareness of yourself as a human being
As you become more aware of the human design and how the mind works, you will naturally get clarity on how you function as a human being. You start to see how you can be more of your 'best self' more of the time. While the first level deals with the question; what is true about all human beings all the time? (our human design), the second level explores the question "What is true for you?", and when we have access to insight, new thinking, clarity, creativity, and see new possibilities, we simply know what we want to do, and from this place we take inspired action, and find ourselves 'in flow' more of the time.

Examples of course content

Where do you see yourself in the human design?
What 'misunderstandings' have caused struggles for you in your life? 
Awareness for the stimulus – response misunderstanding
How to catch yourself when you overreact? What are you most common pitfalls.
Meaning and inspiration
How to know what is right for you? Taking inspired action and getting into flow!
Being true to oneself
The most important relationship in your life is your relationship to yourself.
Your feelings give you signals
How to understand what your feelings are telling you about? How to live life without being in the grip of your feelings and moods?
Self-doubt and feeling insufficient
The one source of feeling 'not enough' and how this can change in an instant when we see the truth of it.
How to make use of the 3 kinds of feedback; from others, from your own feelings and from results.
Your relationship to yourself
Are you a person who is more demanding and judgmental with yourself than you would ever be with some else? How to let go of your negative beliefs and judgements about yourself?
Your presence with others
Learn how to increase your level of presence and interact more easily with others, and get more things done, better and faster! 
3. Operating principles 
Operating Principles provide the concepts and mental models on which tools and structures are based. Just as seeking to understand oneself (level 2) without first understanding the human design (level 1) is doomed to lead to misunderstandings and a lack of clarity, trying to implement tools and structures (level 4) into your life without insightfully understanding the operating principles behind them is the reason that implementing new tools often create short terms changes only. Most people will fail to implement new tools and structures over time as they fall back into old behaviour patterns. This enlightening component of the programme supports the development of consistent and permanent behavioural change.

Examples of course content

Effectiveness is not doing things faster - it is about increasing your 'capacity for results'. 
Increasing the Capacity for wellbeing and results
Increasing the human capacity for wellbeing and results is very simple - but you do need to know where to look.
Your mind
The biggest blindspot for most human beings.
Peace of mind
The 5 steps that will give you peace of mind regardless of how much you have to do.
Wellbeing is not the effect of producing results
Stop trying to achieve wellbeing in the future by doing more work today. Instead, engage your wellbeing and bring it to your work. 
We will show you how! 
Clarity, creativity and wellbeing arise together
You must use your mind to get things off your mind - then clarity, creativity and wellbeing arise naturally.
Important vs. urgent
We show you rare insights into this classic model that can significantly maximise your productivity.
The power of reflection
"I wish I had more time for myself and time to reflect". What is reflection and how to get more of it in your life?
The GAP causes tension
What to do about never being fully content with what I have done? The perfectionist's trap! 
Why you need to schedule your own time and how to do it well so you can gain 1-2 hours every week.
Batch and Queue vs. Just in Time
Why collecting things and taking action on them later, (doing similar tasks at the same time) gives you more time and energy?
Reminders you really trust
One of the biggest difference makers in this course is understanding this operating principle. Calendars, to-do lists, meeting invites and more clear up when you learn to create a reminder you really trust."
(P.S. your mind will love it!).
4. Tools and structures 
This component of the program looks at the tools and structures used in one's work and life to enhance our capacity for results. 
When tools and structures work well, there is no need to ever have anything on your mind (causing stress, worry or a sense of overwhelm), as the system we teach in this programme provides clarity and reliable reminders for anything that either needs to get done or reviewed.  
When a tool does not work in practice, there is usually a misalignment with an operating principle at level 3. Combining the learning in levels 3 & 4 makes is easy to get e-mail, calendars, to-do lists and other tools to really support us be more productive, and not only that, you will find that tools can be enjoyable or even fun to work with too! 

Examples of course content

Creating a calendar you love and one that works for you is one of the keys to being truly effective.
Why the brain doesn't like most peoples 'to-do' lists. How to create your to-do list so it really works for you.
Collection tools
The starting point for peace of mind.
What are collection tools and how to use them well?
How to process information and requests that got into your world
How to best deal with all the emails, text messages and interruptions that happen in a day.
The empty inbox
The one and only effective Email management system you will ever need.
Deciding what to do
The 4 easy and simple decisions that will cut the time you spend on email by 50%.
Microsoft Outlook
Our best methods and tips for you to personalize the use of Outlook to work for you, (btw..we have been collecting great stuff on this topic for over 15 years!).
Other Tools
OneNote, Evernote, Trello, Things 3 and all the great apps and other tools out there. 
What are the best tools? What would work for you? How do you choose?
Continuous Upgrades
We are constantly adding new sections and tools to this program in response to our participant's requests. Let us know what you want and we'll do our best to provide it.
The key to the success
The key to success with this new educational format is that it caters for all types of learners and is a dynamic blend of:

     * Self-study through video on a educational platform
     * Action items to complete weekly for integration of learning into life and work
     * Coaching calls x 2 times per week, to deepen insights, and implement the methods and tools                        with success
     * Access to a supportive community of fellow learners in the program.
     * Real life integrative feedback

Also, I or one of my expert team will undertake a 45 minute pre-course interview with each participant to ensure that the participant is a good fit for the program, and also to create a unique personal relationship between the participant and the True Effectiveness team to enable personalised ongoing support during the programme.

The Program

The program delivers value through a blend of 4 different learning approaches:
  • Videos - about 12 hours over 6-10 weeks (your pace)
  • Action Items  - will bring your learning to your life
  • Weekly Q & A coaching sessions: live and recorded and made available for participants
  • Community of learners - learning gets better with the support of others
See a 20 min video presentation here

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