A world without stress in 2045
Written by WILHELM HAST on January 29th, 2019

It's time again!

A new season of Wilhelm’s weekly begins! From now until the summer comes, I will send a blog most weeks with a topic I hope you will find thought-provoking.

I am more clear, more inspired and more challenged at the start of 2019 than I have been in a long time. So, I would love you to start the year and share the journey with me.

More clarity

Last year, my colleagues and I invested a lot of time and energy in creating a new and very successful programme called ‘True Effectiveness’. This is as a result of what I have wanted to do for a long time. Alongside the outstanding team at HAST, we have moved forward to create an outstanding programme filled with intention and heart, to really make a difference in the world.

More inspired

The year began with a conference week in Greece where my colleagues and I had the opportunity to stop and think about, if we were put aside all of our preconceptions of what is possible, what would be a vision that is truly inspiring to us?

What came up took us by surprise, …"A world without stress in 2045" our vision had birthed itself. This vision kept coming back to us time and again from the deepest parts of our hearts and is something which feels both true and inspiring to us.

And why not?

Malaria, smallpox and other diseases are being eradicated through the vision and focus of others. Why not eliminate the experience of stress in the world? A dis-ease costlier to man in the physical, emotional and spiritual and monetary realms than most all other diseases on the planet.

I know, we are biological creatures and it is inevitable that we end up in situations when fight and flight responses occur. What I am referring to however is the stress that so many experience daily, for example, in our workplaces in organizations and companies. Every day I meet people who have a good and organized life but who almost always end up in an experience of stress and overwhelm that robs them of their mental clarity and well being.

This is the situation for so many people in the world.

But we at Hast have seen something new that most of the world has not yet seen…. My colleagues and I have the skills and tools to change people's experience from the stressed and over thinking to calm at an individual level. In fact, I have lost count of how many participants that said to us that we saved them from "hitting the wall", and many who told us that after years of resignation, feeling exhausted and stressed when they come home in the evening, that they now have a renewed energy and have reconnected with joy in life again. Our clients constantly share with us that they experience more peace, ease, creativity as well as the elimination of the experience of stress than they could believe possible. They are living rich and rewarding lives. We are thrilled that we have a way that create these transformations with our clients, so that these become a permanent way of life.

What is incredibly inspiring to see is that eliminating stress is possible, however we also know that we have only touched a microcosm of society. There is so much more suffering in the world, and we want to help the many, not only the few!

And about our approach? Why is it so different to what is ‘out there’ the old tired traditional ways of teaching about stress? Well, we go behind the curtain to show people how the human experience works and seeing this is really THE game changer. In practical terms it is very much like helping someone find balance on a bike, once you found ‘balance’, you never lose the experience of balance, even if you falter from time to time. This metaphor holds true for showing someone how their (and others) experience is created, once you really see it for what it is, you will find that you never have to be in the grip of stress again.

I am inspired too that we have new ways of sharing this in 2019, which means that we can reach so many more people now.

Yes…this is going to be an amazing year!


As you can see, I am very clear and inspired by what is possible and by what we are going to achieve until the summer.

The only little cloud is….


Well, simply put, I am going to start by putting one foot in front of the other and then I will put the other foot in front of the first one and then I will have started, and I will be moving in a direction. If I stand still and think about it for too long, I will not get anywhere.

I am sure you know that if you think really hard, and continue to think and think, well, you really do not get any new ideas. However, if you ask a good question, and let the brain take a break, good ideas and answers soon begin to emerge. How you noticed you get your best ideas when you are in the shower, maybe walking the dog, running, gardening, fishing, sailing? Yup, when your brain relaxes, and new ideas come to mind, they are the best ideas to inspire us what to do next.

Yes, I like this strategy best of all!

And what about you? Well, you will be able to hear more about my colleagues and my journey, our projects, and our successes and challenges in the weekly letters going forward! And, I will continue to share useful perspectives that I hope will benefit your life.

Our first milestone is the middle of February 2019 when we launch the new and upgraded version of the True Effectiveness programme. At the same time, I will start a new version of the Mastermind program around Conscious Leadership!

So… does our vision resonate with you? Are you interested in learning more about eliminating stress and overwhelm and becoming more productive in 2019. if you are, please send me an email to: wilhelm@trueeffectiveness.com

Because we are embarking on our worldwide launch of these programmes, we are offering amazing opportunities and value in the next four weeks for those who are interested to participate with us.

This is really a fantastic opportunity for your life long personal development, growth and transformation.

Insight - Clarity - New actions - Best results ever!
Get in touch and we will look together at how we can create your best year ever!

Best regards,

Wilhelm Hast

Wilhelm has worked in the field of Personal Leadership and Personal Effectiveness for over 25 years. His passion is the art of evoking powerful insights into the nature of being human, rather than merely presenting theory and models of effectiveness and leadership that work for some, but not for all and rarely have long lasting impact.

If you're interested in significantly increasing your productivity and eliminating stress and overwhelm, which will have a deep and lasting impact in your life, then request a free True Effectiveness Coaching session with Wilhelm today by going to the True Effectiveness website.
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