Uninterrupted Time
Written by WILHELM HAST on March 30th, 2021
What should you change when you are not working with clarity, power and ease?
During your workday you might find yourself getting distracted and interrupted in many different ways. 
You might feel like you're not accomplishing the things you could do.
The good news is that you are not alone in experiencing this.
These are issues that I come across everyday working closely with leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.
To resolve these issues you can work on having a period of your day with uninterrupted time. 
If you start your workday with two hours without distractions, interruptions or meetings, you will most likely see great results.
Even just 30 minutes without distractions could make a great impact on your quality of work.
Because you have this period of time without these disturbances, where you can decide for yourself what you should focus on, you will feel a sense of freedom.
You will probably even see a mentality shift in yourself towards your job. 
The tasks you have everyday will not just become tolerable, but even joyous to do.
This small change in your day will bring you more power, clarity and ease.

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Wilhelm Hast

Wilhelm has worked in the field of Personal Leadership and Personal Effectiveness for over 25 years. His passion is the art of evoking powerful insights into the nature of being human, rather than merely presenting theory and models of effectiveness and leadership that work for some, but not for all and rarely have long lasting impact.

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