A new twist on what´s important
Written by WILHELM HAST on November 17th, 2020
Many of us know the important / urgent matrix as a tool for dealing with priorities. 
I have made a video that looks at this useful tool in a different way, and that has the possibility to transform your work life. Yes, really! 
In this video, you will learn to ‘save time’ every week when I share with you... 
     * What to do when everything looks ‘important’... 
     * The trick to reduce the amount of time you need to spend dealing with urgent things
        (crises, distractions, interruptions)
     * A little known practice - the value of planning in ‘thinking’ time separate from ‘taking
        action’ time to increase capacity and productivity.
Enjoy the video
And good to know….
The video is a snippet from a seminar I lead every week inside of our free FB Group: Self-Leadership for Leaders and Entrepreneurs
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If as a leader you are interested in learning more about the topic of leading yourself and others, and creating great results...
That means:
     * Anyone interested in eliminating stress, worry (no matter what circumstances you are in),
        or insecurities at work.
     * Anyone experiencing being ‘time-poor’ (not enough time in the day to get done what is there
        to get done) at work.
     * Anyone who wants to with lead themselves and their team with more clarity, presence,
        power, and get amazing results without compromising their life outside work
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Wilhelm Hast

Wilhelm has worked in the field of Personal Leadership and Personal Effectiveness for over 25 years. His passion is the art of evoking powerful insights into the nature of being human, rather than merely presenting theory and models of effectiveness and leadership that work for some, but not for all and rarely have long lasting impact.

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