How to be relaxed during work - an experiment for the week
Written by WILHELM HAST on November 11th, 2019
Monday today - a new week!

I have an experiment for you this week.
Relax while you work.
Yes, relax during the workday!

Find those moments, short or long, when you can naturally relax while you are working.
Stressed, worried, overthinking, pushing yourself too much...???
All of these are most often a function of thinking that when some certain work is done you will feel better and be able to relax.

That is an illusion.
If you are thinking it will be better later, then you are likely to keep on thinking it will be better later, in which case "better" will alway be "later".

Instead, experiment with this:
Think, or rather just notice that you can relax now, in the middle of work.

And see what happens when you do...
Go to a meeting with the intention to relax.
Empty your inbox and relax at the same time.
Find a relaxed approach in a conversation with someone.

And remember:
Your work is not you!
It is your work
but you are not your work.

You can actually be relaxed in the midst of it.

I wish you a great week!
Keep exploring!
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Wilhelm Hast

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