What I have learned to trust - it always works!
Written by WILHELM HAST on November 5th, 2019
WHAT can you trust? 
Not who can you trust, but WHAT?

I spend most of my days teaching and coaching leaders to expand their leadership and deepen their experience of wellbeing. Through the years, I´ve noticed there are some things I can absolutely trust in doing my work, and also in being the leader of my own life.

There are things in life you can absolutely trust. They are called principles.

You can trust gravity - it is at work all the time and creates very predictable results!
Gravity is a principle
Predictable results
Every time
If you want to experience less stress and more productivity, there are also things you can absolutely trust. You can trust that the human mind only ever works one way, and you can trust that the more clearly you see how it works, the more wellbeing and creativity you experience, but today I don´t want to write about the human mind - I had some other things on my mind...

The following things are not really natural laws like gravity, but they are pretty predictable principles. At least they are things I’ve come to trust.

You can trust that GETTING more PRESENT in the moment works better than not getting present. Human beings function much better when they are present in the moment than when they are not. Just doing whatever you see to do to get yourself more present works really well in any situation. If you don´t see what to do, try slowing down… it often works amazingly well. 

Another thing that you can trust is CLARITY - Getting clarity on how things work.
I don´t mean getting a lot of new theoretical knowledge - Just clarity, seeing clearly how something works. Like seeing clearly, how the computer program you use, or your phone, or the login procedure to your bank, works 

Anything. More clarity, better performance.

Want to take it further?

Get clarity on what OUTCOME you intend before you do anything. 
A meeting at work
Your next weekend
A dinner with your kids
….or your life

Get clear on what you want
What you want to have happen
What intentions you have

And things work better

Want to take it even further….

Get clarity on how your mind works
Get clarity on who you are

Then things really start to take off!

Productivity explodes and wellbeing deepens

What, in your experience, do you know that you can trust to be more stress-free and more productive?

Do more of that.
And enjoy the results!

Thanks for reading!

“… As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson.
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