The only two things you need to become Truly Effective!
Written by WILHELM HAST on August 13th, 2019
There are two things that are at the heart of being truly effective. They are easy to miss but actually easy to find, when you know what you are looking for. 
I also talk about why we often can not solve a problem on the same level where it occurs.
A great overview of some of the key aspects of True Effectiveness - Enjoy!
Here is what we cover:

1. The two fundamentals of being truly effective.
2. Presence, being present is where it all starts
3. You need clarity on where to look and what to look for
4. The level of doing – not the place to look!
5. Operating principles that determine if your ”doing” will work
6. "Why do I...?" - questions and why they don’t work well
7. What is true for all human beings all the time. The benefits of understanding the human design.

Interested in seeing more on the 4 levels - see this: 

The series of 10 videos I mention in the end of this video you´ll find here

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Wilhelm Hast

Wilhelm has worked in the field of Personal Leadership and Personal Effectiveness for over 25 years. His passion is the art of evoking powerful insights into the nature of being human, rather than merely presenting theory and models of effectiveness and leadership that work for some, but not for all and rarely have long lasting impact.

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